Traditional banks are highly limited by red tape and federal regulations that require predictable cash flow to approve loans. Our underwriting process is much different. EFO has the ability to perform because we look to the strength of the assets collateralizing our loans, as well as managements credibility and the borrower's probability of a successful outcome.

"We believe in our borrowers and want to see them succeed. We don’t believe in loan-to-own. Instead, we are committed to collaboration and successful outcomes for our borrowers."

— Bill Esping

Our professionals leverage their deep-seated industry relationships and significant market experience to architect bespoke loan structures with the highest certainty of closing. We add a tremendous amount of value by working alongside our borrowers to help resolve matters of any nature, whether they require practical remedies or highly technical solutions in complex reorganizations.

EFO has built its reputation on providing asset based loans with speed and certainty.

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